Advisory Panel

The Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference
Advisory Panel

The Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference is hosted by GetAboutAble and our team benefits from the support of our Advisory Panel. They help us achieve our goals by:

  • Providing “wise counsel” through sharing insights, expertise and feedback
  • Assisting with warm introductions to potential partners, sponsors and speakers
  • Promoting the conference across their networks and communities

We would like to thank them for their help and support as without them, the Conference wouldn’t be the successful event it is today.

Would you like to join that panel?

Our Advisory Panel consists of up to 8 members and is chaired by the Accessible and Inclusive Tourism Conference Coordinator.  We want this Panel to be diverse and inclusive of gender, disability and culture.

Are you someone with knowledge and experience in the tourism and events industries and/or accessibility and are you familiar with a social enterprise business model? We would love for you to get in touch. 

We encourage applications from people with a diversity of skills, perspectives, abilities, cultures, life experience and backgrounds to enrich AITCAP’S knowledge and capability to deliver its objectives.

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