AITCAP 2023 – Accessibility Information


Accessibility Information

What is AITCAP?

The Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference in the Asia-Pacific (AITCAP) is a yearly event showing how catering to the valuable accessible & inclusive market promotes sustainable growth and creates great opportunities for the travel & tourism industry in the region.

We connect travelers, businesses, policy makers and destination marketing organisations, to create a momentum and contribute to the upgrowth of the sector.

We're going hybrid for AITCAP 2023


April 28th, 2023
Sea World Resort Conference Centre, Gold Coast, Australia


May 11th, 2023
AITCAP Platform

We commit to access and inclusion

We want to welcome people of all abilities to all parts of this event.

Our team’s commitment is to do our best to accommodate all of your access requirements. 

On this page you will find all the information we have gathered about accessibility features of both our online platform and our in-person venue(s). We’ll update it regularly.

However, we know that might not be enough so:

1. You can contact us with any question or feedback at

2. When you register for our events, you will have an opportunity to detail your access requirements in the checkout process

Accessibility Information
across the whole event

Best contact for all questions regarding accessibility

Conference content

We will provide an Auslan interpretation (Auslan is the Australian Sign Language) and Live Captioning where required  for our speakers’ sessions.

All the content live-streamed on May 11th, as well as all recordings made available by GetAboutAble of the AITCAP 2023 event, will include Closed Captioning.

Additional features are detailed below and will be updated as we get closer to the event. Don’t hesitate to ask. 


GetAboutAble accepts Companion Cards.

If you need help

During the events, we will make sure you can always identify our team members easily. You can ask any of them for help. You can also contact Nicole at at any point.


We will also have a form set up where you can also report things anonymously. This form will be managed by the AITCAP Team. Their managers will also have access to make sure there is someone you can communicate with in case there is an issue to report involving the AITCAP Team.


Please contact us in advance if you need something that will require preparation, otherwise you can approach any of our staff on the day and we will help as best we can. 

Logo for Cérge AITCAP 2023 Event Partner Click to acccess their website

Your Digital Concierge - Cergé

AITCAP 2023 has partnered with Cergé, to offer individuals with access requirements a platform to help prepare their visit and engage fully in the event.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower ANZ

AITCAP team members have been trained by the Hidden Disability Sunflower Scheme. They will be wearing a supporter badge so people who require assistance can identify them and know who they can approach.

Accessibility Information for
SeaWorld Resort Conference Centre

The venue detailed map and photos will be made available to all registered attendees. 


The entire venue is on one level and step-free


Assistance animals are welcome in any area of the Event, and we can show you areas suitable for toileting. We are happy to orientate anyone in the building. 


Breast feeding is acceptable in any area of the event, as it is in all public spaces, and any objections to this will be treated as per our harassment policy. 

Travel information

The Conference Center is part of the SeaWorld Resort, and offers accommodation if you want somewhere close to the venue to stay. Preferential rates will be available to registered attendees.


You can get to the SeaWorld Resort Conference Centre by car or public transport. 

  • It is a 15min walk from the bus stop to the venue. Please contact us if this is too far for you and we will do our best to arrange another option. You can find public transport information at or 13 12 30,
  • It is around $15 by taxi from Main Beach or $80 from Gold Coast airport.
  • Many hotels, including SeaWorld Resort, offer shuttles to the airport, often at additional cost. You can contact the hotel reception to ask about this. 


There are three accessible car parks at the SeaWorld Resort Conference Centre, but we can also put aside more accessible parks if necessary. If you would like us to reserve a car park for you please contact us as soon as possible after registration at


There are also lots of regular car parks at the SeaWorld Resort Conference Centre, but they can sometimes be very busy because they are shared with the hotel. If the car parks close to the venue are full you may need to park a little further away on the road.

Entry instructions

Photos and map of the venue will be available to all registered attendees. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.


When you go inside there will be a sheltered area with some tables and chairs.  There is another set of doors after this.  Through these doors, you will find a registration desk. Come to the registration desk first and we will sign you in.  


The path to the Conference rooms and the rooms themselves are step free

After Entry instructions

After you have signed in at the registration desk you can head straight to the panel room, or wait in another location.  


There will be chairs set up in the foyer, and free tea and coffee at the far end of the foyer. One of the panel rooms is a quiet room for when you need a break. You can also go and sit in the chairs outside to wait.


Photos and map of the venue will be available to all registered attendees. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.

During the day

Detailed program is available on the program page and a printed version will be available at the Event. 

We will set up a quiet breakout room. Feel free to use it whenever you want during the Event.

When you arrive there will be Tea and Coffee, and a chance to talk to other attendees. There will also be breaks for morning tea, afternoon tea, and lunch. These breaks will have food and drinks provided.

This is an industry event, so people will usually be open to meeting and getting to know other people and why they are attending the event. It’s okay to approach other people and introduce yourself if they are not already busy in another conversation or on their phone. 

There will be a short session concluding the day, but it’s okay to leave the event at any point during the day.

There is no sign out process, you can just leave when you are ready. 

There will be side events which may come at an extra cost. Details about side events, including pricing, are available on our ticketing platform.

Toilet Directions

As you enter the venue the toilets are to your left. There is a large gender-neutral stall with a baby change table, grab rails near the toilet, and enough room for a wheelchair. We will also provide a hoist.


There are two rooms of regular toilets, one with stalls and one with stalls and urinals. Please use whichever toilet you are comfortable with. Any harassment about not using the correct toilet will be treated as per our Code of Conduct.

Dietary requirements

When you register via our Humanitix Platform, you will be able to indicate your dietary requirements which we will communicate to the catering company.

Meals compatible with said dietary restrictions will be served from a special area so that people can find them easily. If you can’t find this area please ask one of our staff or the catering staff.

If you have other requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us


There will be a lot of people at this event so there is an increased risk of contamination with COVID-19 or other transmittable diseases. Our Terms and Conditions include our recommendations and policy regarding COVID-19.


Having a lot of people around could also be a hazard in terms of navigating spaces. If you would like one of our staff to show you around the venue please feel free to ask. If you need space away from other people, you can go outside or use our quiet room.

Accessibility Information for
AITCAP Online Platform

Joining the Platform

Details on how to connect to the platform will be communicated to registered attendees 48h before the event. 


The content is optimised to be viewed on a computer or a large tablet screen. If you plan on joining from your phone or a device with a small screen, we will send our suggested recommendations to registered attendees 48h before the event. 

Presentations and Sessions

Detailed program is available on the program page.

All the content live-streamed on May 11th, as well as all recordings made available by GetAboutAble, will include Closed Captioning and Auslan interpretation.

All visual presentations used as support material by our speakers will be made available for download and a transcript readable by screen readers will be available to follow at the same time as the presentation takes place.

If a speaker chooses to play a pre-recorded video, an audio description will be made available. 

Online networking events & Chat feature

On May 11th, our platform will include a chat feature that we chose for its accessibility, including its compatibility with Speech-to-Text Softwares and mobile use.


If you choose to attend one of virtual networking events, we will use the Zoom platform which includes the following accessibility features.

Transport and Accommodation
for our Gold Coast Event

Bookings for AITCAP 2023 can be made directly via our Ticketing Platform. Conference accommodation rates will be available in limited numbers soon for direct booking. More information will be communicated to you after you register.


To make the event even more accessible and stress free, AITCAP are pleased to advise that we have selected two Dedicated Travel Agents, Amplify – Accessible Travel Specialists and Supported Travel eXperiences (STX), to support your accommodation and transportation needs. 

Both agencies are specialists in the accessible space and are available to manage your bookings during this event should you require support or STA packaging. As an added bonus, for conference attendees, both agencies are waiving their booking fees thus making the process easy for you and reducing the pinch in your pocket.  


To access your quote today, contact:

Amplify – Accessible Travel Specialists:


Simply visit 

or call the team directly on +64 (0)7 56096 7672

or email

Amplify Accessible Travel Specialists logo

Supported Travel eXperiences (STX):


Simply visit

or call the team directly on 1300 200 789
or email

Logo for Supported Travel eXperiences STX AITCAP 2023 Partner and AITCAP 2022 Demonstrator