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OZeWAI - AITCAP 2022 Diamond Partner

OZeWAI is an association of volunteers working to make the information world more inclusive. It was the first such organisation in Australia and has been a leading initiative in the field for more than 20 years, introducing many developers and managers to the need for accessibility, the means by which it can be promoted, and a supportive network of concerned practitioners.

WebDirections - AITCAP 2022 Diamond Partner

Web Directions has since 2004 hosted renowned conferences, in person, and now online, for web and digital professionals, across product, design and engineering.

ATSA Independent Living Expo Sydney - AITCAP 2022 Diamond Partner

For more than 20 years ATSA Independent Living Expos have been Australia’s foremost exhibition for assistive technology, rehabilitation and aged care equipment. One of Australia’s most comprehensive events for people with disability, seniors, carers and allied health professionals. ATSA Independent Living Expo is free to attend for visitors of all ages.

ATSA Independent Living Expo has exhibitors displaying products and services in assistive technology, mobility solutions, pressure care, employment support, accessible recreation and holiday ideas, modified motor vehicles and more. By the industry for the industry.

Maahs Travels - AITCAP 2022 Gold Partner

Maahs Travels provide consulting services to companies and destinations around the world so that travel is accessible to everyone. As Fred J. Maahs, Jr, Founder and CEO puts it “No one should be denied the right to explore our beautiful world”!

RightHear - AITCAP 2022 Gold Partner

RightHear is helping those who are blind, vision impaired and have other orientation conditions navigate safely and independently integrate into life. Their solution is an accessible audible guidance system designed to reduce stress when navigating a venue. Thanks to their discrete beacons, talking signage is implemented within buildings and thoroughfares to help you provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all.

The Access Agency - AITCAP 2022 Gold Partner

The Access Agency was founded by Ryan Smith, an inclusion advocate, accessibility specialist and communications professional. This award-winning marketing agency works to make tourism experiences equitable and exciting. Through advice, advocacy and creative work for tourism and the visitor economy, they make sure access brings people together. Their aim is to be a world-class partner in access and access information for the visitor economy.

Sunshine Coast Council - AITCAP 2022 Gold Partner

The Sunshine Coast Council is under taking an effort based mobility mapping project. This mapping system will allow the mobility impaired to find the most suitable, equitable route to access tourist attractions, hotels, the beach, and places of interest on the coast.

The mapping will demonstrate possible routes and will highlight the least effort way available. The maps will include suitable pathways, accessible parking bays, bus stops, public BBQs, shelters, toilets, kerb and ramp crossings, and equitable accesses into hotels, resorts and recreation venues.

Lake Mac Holiday Parks - AITCAP 2022 Silver Partner

Lake Mac Holiday Parks operates five holiday parks around the waters of Lake Macquarie; 90 minutes north of Sydney or 20 minutes south of Newcastle.

Accessible cabins with a hoist, aquatic wheelchairs, hoists or ramps for pools and accessible bbq facilities and furnishings we are trying to provide everything you need to get away.

From camping sites to motorhomes sites, small ‘couples cabins’ to huge villas we have you covered. Your four legged puppy friends are also welcome at three of their parks.

Sydney Opera House - AITCAP 2022 Silver Partner

As a symbol of modern Australia, the nation’s premier tourist destination and one of the world’s busiest performing arts centres, the Opera House plays an integral role in Australia’s identity.

The Opera House belongs to everyone, so it’s vital that their World Heritage-listed building and the experiences they offer are accessible to all. The Opera House offers a range of services to ensure performances and experiences are accessible to everyone. This includes a range of sign-language interpreted, autism-friendly, multi-sensory, captioned and audio-described performances, as well as inclusive dance and music residency programs for people with disability of all ages. The Opera House also offers a range of accessible services and facilities for visitors and patrons with disability such as courtesy wheelchairs, shuttle services and a Welcome Team dedicated to accessible customer service support.

Travel Moore - AITCAP 2022 Silver Partner

Travel Moore specialises in assisting families and groups with their travel bookings, particularly those who have an autistic child. As an autistic person and mum of a child on the spectrum, Kristy’s able to use both her personal and professional experience when planning your next holiday. Which means you get a personalised services based on personal experience.

Travel Moore not only arranges the whole trip but also can  offer extras to make your trip extra special like social stories, sensory travel kits, support workers or special need nannies.

87% of families with an autistic child don’t travel. Well Travel Moore is here to change that and to give the gift of travel. 

Beyond Bank Australia - AITCAP 2022 Silver Partner

Beyond Bank is one of the largest 100% customer-owned banks in Australia. They’ve been putting people before profit for over 60 years with their customers being owners. They aim to create and return value for their customers and communities, and through this help to change lives. They are committed to our purpose by building stronger, more connected communities.

Abled Traveller - AITCAP 2022 Demonstrator

Abled Traveller is part of Aura Voyages Private Limited, an Indian travel company recognised by The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. A dedicated team at Abled Traveller is happy to introduce India as an accessible destination for Wheelchair travellers. They have carefully crafted itineraries with selected wheelchair accessible hotels, including wheelchair friendly UNESCO World Heritage sites / monuments (fully or partly accessible) in main Indian tourist cities, visits to colourful local markets to witness local life and majestic forts and palaces (partly accessible), presenting delicious Indian cuisine, visiting local families and different religious places showcasing religions coexisting in harmony…

BindiMaps - AITCAP 2022 Demonstrator

BindiMaps is a smart phone app that helps anyone navigate inside of an unfamiliar building like a hospital or shopping centre. While anyone can use our app, we originally designed it for people who are blind or vision impaired.

Supported Travel eXperiences (STX) - AITCAP 2022 Demonstrator

Too often for people with disabilities, their fairytale holidays never become reality because of the complexity, lack of access to information and stress involved with travel. The team at Supported Travel eXperiences is changing this. They arrange bespoke and personalised travel experiences, specialising in more difficult-to-coordinate trips and personally-designed travel itineraries to less-common destinations. Their vision is a world where people with disabilities have the choice to travel whenever, wherever and with whomever they want.

City of Newcastle - AITCAP 2022 Demonstrator

City of Newcastle (CN) is committed to improving the accessibility and inclusiveness of their city and community. In February 2022 Council adopted their Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2022-2026 which includes 35 actions aimed at delivering on this commitment. Across all areas of city life, including tourism, CN strives for continual change across the 4 inclusion priority areas of the NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014. These are attitudes and behaviours, liveable communities, employment and systems and processes. They aim to make Newcastle an inclusive place to live, work and play.

Accessible city features add to focus as an inclusive destination. Bathers Way, Newcastle Museum, Blackbutt Reserve and Nobbys Beach all present great experiences for people with lived experience of disability. Further, the CN has trialled inclusive experiences through sensory zones at events and training staff to accommodate the needs of groups who visit the City.

Inclusive Tourism - AITCAP 2022 Demonstrator

Inclusive Tourism provides advice, mentoring and support to implement change within businesses and Councils. By identifying barriers and recommending simple, inexpensive improvements she enables stakeholders to maximize accessibility. Melissa James, the company founder, provides training to build capacity and ensure the needs of people with disabilities are met.

Melissa has a focus on working with Councils to create accessible destinations. Projects typically begin with educating businesses on the market and expand into conducting audits of all elements required to create an accessible destination. She has worked with many local councils and destination networks including Gold Coast Tourism and City Council, Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Lithgow Councils, Sapphire Coast Tourism and North Coast Destination Network.

Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) - AITCAP 2022 Session sponsor

Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) is the peak industry association for the Australian inbound tourism industry sector.

ATEC connects and grows the commercial networks of members engaged in the international tourism industry, by facilitating commercial connections, and advocating to government for support and removal of impediments to growth to broaden export opportunities.

Ohayo Travel Corporation - AITCAP 2022 Session sponsor

Ohayo Travel Corporation, Tokyo, is a travel agent primary for people having difficulty in travelling due to age, disabilities, etc. They make unique travel plans just for you, arrange all necessary equipment, transportations, accommodations, and physical support upon request so that you can travel and stay comfortably throughout the trip in Japan.

おはようトラベル株式会社(東京)は高齢のため、障害のためなどで旅行に支援が必要な人のための旅行会社。 旅行者の日本国内での旅行・滞在が快適なものとなるように、旅行プランを作り、必要に応じて福祉機器、交通、宿泊、人的サポートなどの手配を行います。

Travel Without Limits - AITCAP 2022 Session sponsor

Travel Without Limits is proud to have contributors with lived experience from across the world bringing their readers stories from their travels. Style of travel, budgets and challenges when travelling may vary between contributors, but each has a passion for travel and a determination to make it happen. Travel Without Limits cover stories on sensory friendly experiences, wheelchair accessibility, vision and hearing to name a few.

Humanitix - AITCAP 2022 Session Sponsor

Humanitix is AITCAP ticketing platform and there are very good reasons why! Not only is it an excellent technical platform for any type of event, Humanitix is also registered charity so booking fees cover costs, and everything else goes to their education projects. Humanitix also makes it its mission to help make every event accessible to all people with disabilties by building the appropriate tools and resources. 

Want to support future
AITCAP Conferences?

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The Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference in the Asia-Pacific (AITCAP) is a yearly event showing how catering to the valuable accessible & inclusive market promotes sustainable growth and creates great opportunities for the travel & tourism industry in the region.

We connect travelers, businesses, policy makers and destination marketing organisations, to create a momentum and contribute to the upgrowth of the sector.


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