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We thank our incredible sponsors

They are helping us make the inaugural Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference in the Asia-Pacific possible.

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OZeWAI - AITCAP 2021 Diamond Partner

OZeWAI is an association of volunteers working to make the information world more inclusive. It was the first such organisation in Australia and has been a leading initiative in the field for more than 20 years, introducing many developers and managers to the need for accessibility, the means by which it can be promoted, and a supportive network of concerned practitioners.

WebDirections - AITCAP 2021 Diamond Partner

Web Directions has since 2004 hosted renowned conferences, in person, and now online, for web and digital professionals, across product, design and engineering.

SERVICE ONE Bank - AITCAP 2021 Diamond Partner

As a 100% customer-owned mutual (and social enterprise), the mission of SERVICE ONE is to provide their Members with competitive financial services and products and to support the communities within which their Members live and work through the encouragement of sustainable social enterprises. 

Visit Canberra - AITCAP 2021 Gold Partner

As the destination marketing organisation for the ACT, VisitCanberra is responsible for promoting Australia’s capital, Canberra, and the surrounding region to domestic and international visitors. Explore a city full of passionate locals, hidden collections and unexpected gems. Find more than you came for and discover something different in Canberra.

BindiMaps - AITCAP 2021 Silver Partner

BindiMaps is a smart phone app that helps anyone navigate inside of an unfamiliar building like a hospital or shopping centre. While anyone can use our app, we originally designed it for people who are blind or vision impaired.

Ohayo Travel Corporation - AITCAP 2021 Session supporter

Ohayo Travel Corporation, Tokyo, is a travel agent primary for people having difficulty in travelling due to age, disabilities, etc. They make unique travel plans just for you, arrange all necessary equipment, transportations, accommodations, and physical support upon request so that you can travel and stay comfortably throughout the trip in Japan.

おはようトラベル株式会社(東京)は高齢のため、障害のためなどで旅行に支援が必要な人のための旅行会社。 旅行者の日本国内での旅行・滞在が快適なものとなるように、旅行プランを作り、必要に応じて福祉機器、交通、宿泊、人的サポートなどの手配を行います。

Aspen Medical - AITCAP 2021 Session supporter

Founded in 2003 by Glenn Keys AO, Aspen Medical is an Australian-owned, multi award-winning, global provider of guaranteed and innovative healthcare solutions across a diverse range of sectors and clients. In just over a decade they have become the world leader in the delivery of healthcare solutions in any setting, particularly those that are remote, challenging or under-resourced. They offer their clients a tailored and flexible service wherever it is needed, from a single paramedic to a full spectrum solution.

Destination Everywhere - AITCAP 2021 Session sponsor

Making travel fun & safe for travellers of all abilities! Destination Everywhere uses its acquired expertise to support companies on how to communicate with the public with disabilities. They are able to consult and deliver any project on inclusive travel and communication, thanks also to their wide network of partners and experts around the globe.

TabiFolk - AITCAP 2021 Session sponsor

TabiFolk is a community of travelers with disabilities gathered together to share information and ask questions about accessible travel.

Travel Massive - AITCAP 2021 Session sponsor

Travel Massive is the world’s largest independent, open community for the travel industry, founders, leaders, and creators. It is connecting more than 60 000 members around the world with the mission to unearth and connect travel insiders in every city in the world to empower change in travel.

Wheelie Accessible Adventures - AITCAP 2021 Session sponsor

Wheelie Accessible Adventures specialises in wheelchair accessible tourism products and services in Australia, Our mission is to provide wheelchair access travel information, accessible reviews and a personalised booking service for wheelchair users. Booking services include, accessible accommodation, activities, tours and transport options.

The Schoolhouse Hotel - AITCAP 2021 Sponsor

Conceived and developed by The Disability Opportunity Fund, The Schoolhouse Hotel will be built in 2021 with a focus on community. Located in White Sulphur Springs it’s the town’s first full-service boutique hotel. This exciting project will transform the former historic WSS High School into a hub for the community and visitors alike. The Schoolhouse Hotel will showcase the best in West Virginia hospitality and lodging in a completely inclusive atmosphere.

Travel Without Limits - AITCAP 2021 Session sponsor

At Travel Without Limits, we are proud to have contributors with lived experience from across the world bringing our readers stories from their travels. Style of travel, budgets and challenges when travelling may vary between contributors, but each has a passion for travel and a determination to make it happen. We cover stories on sensory friendly experiences, wheelchair accessibility, vision and hearing to name a few.

YouLi - AITCAP 2021 Session sponsor

Great partner of GetAboutAble Accessible Travel Marketplace, YouLi offers easy Group Travel Management Software for trip planners of all sizes. Thanks to their tool, small tour operators (re)launch in days, not weeks and travel agencies scale with automated back office operations.

Humanitix - AITCAP 2021 Sponsor

Humanitix is AITCAP ticketing platform and there are very good reasons why! Not only is it an excellent technical platform for any type of event, Humanitix is also registered charity so booking fees cover costs, and everything else goes to their education projects. Humanitix also makes it its mission to help make every event accessible to all people with disabilties by building the appropriate tools and resources. 

Disability Horizons - AITCAP 2021 Session sponsor

Disability Horizons magazine is an online disability lifestyle publication that aims to give disabled people a voice. Founded by two disabled guys in 2011, Disability Horizons publishes articles on a wide variety of topics, all to support the aim of a world where disabled people live exactly as they choose to. All articles are sourced directly from our community of readers, making Disability Horizons a lifestyle publication about disabled people, for disabled people. Articles span topics from technology, relationships, sports, employment and travel.

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What is the Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference
in the Asia-Pacific?

AITCAP is an event raising awareness on the importance of accessible & inclusive travel and showcasing businesses championing change. Aiming to improve the way the industry caters for travellers with accessibility needs, it will connect the travel & leisure sector to a huge and under-served market worth more than $ 10 billion dollars in Australia alone and growing 3 times faster than the rest of the tourism market. 

AITCAP ran virtually across the 4 Thursdays of May 2021 with an incredible panel of 40+ high-profile speakers.


Best Practice in Accessible & Inclusive

MAY 13

Understanding and attracting the accessible tourism market

MAY 20

Accessible & Inclusive Destination marketing

MAY 27

The Future of Accessible & Inclusive

We also thank our amazing crowdfunders

In 2019, we organised a crowdfunding campaign that raised $ 20,000 AUD to launch the first Asia-Pacific accessible & inclusive tourism conference and expo. Due to COVID-19, we had to delay the event and we went fully virtual. Crowdfunders have been by our side since the very beginning and helped reimagine the event in that new format to make it always more accessible and attractive. They are the reason the Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference in the Asia-Pacific can finally launch to increase the momentum in the region!