We’d like to thank our community partners, and welcome their members!

Toronto Web Performance

The Toronto Web Performance Group is one of several meetups across the globe set up to learn about and proselytizing web performance culture, best practices and new technologies.

London Web Performance

London Web Performance is a professional networking and learning group for people whose work depends on delivering content and applications over the web as fast as possible.

Harbour Front Hong Kong

Harbour Front Monthly is an event series that covers a variety of topics around all things mobile and responsive web design & development, discussing the latest technologies, new ideas and best practices in web design.

The Web Meetup

The meetup for people that work on The Web, with an emphasis on cross-discipline, collaboration and community.

Vancouver Web Performance

The Vancouver Web Performance Meetup is for web professionals who want to squeeze every last millisecond of performance out of their applications and the infrastructures that power them.

Frontend ADL

A meet for the Frontend peeps of Adelaide.

From static sites to complex SPA, with a mix of UX, Security and Mobile, Frontend ADL incorporates all things Frontend focussed. Along with technical talks & content, we also are highly invested in providing safe, approachable social events.


Front End Developers & Designers with .class

New York Web Performance

New York City group where you can meet with other web developers, designers, business people and system administrators who’re interested in making their sites work fast to get better user experience, lower abandonment rates and more money.