AITCAP 2022 is over! What a success it was!

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"Informative, Professional and Engaging! Awesome!”

Words from AITCAP 2022 attendees

“Thank you for organising AITCAP and allowing me to be one of your speakers. I have received so much value just from the networks of the other speakers to learn and listen to their experiences. And the conference has not even started…” Chris K.

“Market differentiator is a key, and I don’t think businesses really understand that being accessible & inclusive at this point is a huge differentiator.” Julia S.

“2.5 sessions into the conference and I already have pages of notes and links. Well done AITCAP team!” Ben A.

“Promote Access. Deliver Inclusion.” Chris K.

“I have a disability – I have money and I love travel, so this is great. I am proud to be called a person with a disability. I don’t have challenges, unless society puts them in my way.” Tricia M.

“All of the speakers are very inspiring for other businesses and services elsewhere.” Antony L.

“So many things ive never thought about – fantastic!” Maxine

“Fantastic afternoon!” Sandee F.

“Thank you for the great sessions today everyone!! So informative and so many valuable learnings” Emily E.

“Thank you I have learnt alot today” Jennifer M.

“Thank you to everyone involved in putting this great content together!” Daisy

“Thanks everyone. So great to connect with people from across Asia and the Pacific” Adrienne

“True, false promises disappoint but a willingness to make an effort (that is a part of a right attitude) to do the best to meet the requirement makes a lot of difference.” Ravinder A.

We thank our incredible Conference partners