AITCAP 2021 – Program Day 1

AITCAP 2021 - Day 1
Program outline

May 6th 2021 - Best Practices in Accessible & Inclusive Tourism

Program outline - Recording timeline

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Welcome address for AITCAP 2021


Opening Keynote: Accessible & Inclusive Tourism - What now?

Simon Darcy, Ivor Ambrose & John O'Sullivan - 1h15

Simon Darcy presents his views on the crossroads that the accessible & inclusive tourism is at in a post-COVID-19 world and what value lies in it being part of our recovery plans. Ivor Ambrose and John O’Sullivan then join him for a Q&A session covering both the institutional and industry point of views.


10-minute break


A market opportunity you don't want to miss​

Carolyn Childs - 15 min

If you are still under the illusion that accessible & inclusive tourism is a niche-market, all about ticking boxes for regulation purposes, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is a huge market opportunity that can fuel sustainable growth for your business and Carolyn Childs proves it, using the latest travel research data. Numbers don’t lie!


Including people with accessibility needs as employees and guests in a hotel

Aradhana Lal - 25 min

Across their chain of 84+ hotels, Lemon Tree Hotels have built an inclusive organisation, both for for their employees and their guests. In this masterclass, Aradhana Lal shares their Seven Pillar inclusion model and how they’ve made it the core of both their successful business model and culture. 


A tour organiser perspective on creating accessible & inclusive experiences​

Agnes Abelsen - 30 min

From an accessible tour leader and organiser’s perspective, Agnes Abelsen speaks about accessible & inclusive travel as well as some of the challenges she has seen in the industry. With experience travelling with people with both physical and hidden disabilities she shares her ideas on how to make tourism activities more accessible.


10-minute break - Introducing Travel Without Limits

Session sponsor

At Travel Without Limits, we are proud to have contributors with lived experience from across the world bringing our readers stories from their travels. Style of travel, budgets and challenges when travelling may vary between contributors, but each has a passion for travel and a determination to make it happen. We cover stories on sensory friendly experiences, wheelchair accessibility, vision and hearing to name a few.


Designing quality engagement mechanisms for codesign​

Geoff Trappett, OAM - 20 min

In making tourism accessible & inclusive, co-design is key and this session will help you get it right. Geoff Trappett OAM will present how to co-design best, asking and answering all the right questions to have top-quality engagement process, capable of producing universally inclusive travel products & services.


The first steps in making your business accessible & inclusive​​

Chris Veitch - 50 min

You don’t know where to start on the path to making your tourism business or destination more accessible & inclusive? This session is made for you! Chris Veitch will go over: what’s to gain from, what are the most common barriers you might face and focus on simple solutions, that can be low cost and easy to implement right now, even in the current climate.


10-minute break


Ohayo Travel Corporation - Example of a Japanese accessible tour organizer​

AITCAP Sponsor - Kuniyasu Nomura - 10 min

Japan is a destination where you can enjoy lots of wonderful views, unique culture and unique history. General accessibility has been improved in recent years in Japan while disseminating accessibility information is relatively weak. We are presenting a variety of attractive destinations, and how to travel and enjoy them, for example, Mt. Fuji and its surrounding area, Shikoku Ohenro Pilgrimage Route etc.


PANEL DISCUSSION - Website accessibility versus accessibility on your website​​

Claudia Stevenson & Gian Wild - 35 min
Moderator - Brigitta Norton - OZeWAI AITCAP PARTNER

Having a website that people with disabilities can access using the right type of technology is crucial but so is making sure you have information about the accessibility of your company and services. Gian Wild, Claudia Stevenson and Brigitta Norton are experts in this domain and will cover both aspects of the subject.


Concluding address for the 1st day of AITCAP 2021

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